STRESS- Bye Bye. See you later.

Let’s talk about stress. We all know what it’s like to feel stressed, we have a lot of things that we want to achieve and that we want to do well in. There are so many ways that you might try to help reduce and manage stress, such as doing exercise, drinking tea, talking to a family member or practising mindfulness. All of these methods help me in a big way but today I have a few things to tell you about that personally help me to de-stress.

So, here it goes, tip number one, get a candle that crackles as it burns! I have a WoodWick candle and honestly it is the best candle that I could ever imagine. I can sit in bed, read a book and listen to the soothing sound of a crackling log fire. Sounds like a dream? Oh it is believe me. You don’t need to get a candle specifically from the brand WoodWick. Just type ‘Crackle Candle’ into google and you’ll soon find a great one!

My second tip is to lie down and listen to a podcast. Podcasts, much like a book, enable me to channel my energy and focus on something else. The best part is podcasts are completely FREE! If you want to check out my current favourite podcasts, you can follow the link here.

This next tip is my favourite, rearrange your room or a room in your house! There is nothing more satisfying than re-arranging your personal space and it produces a sense of effectiveness. I feel productive and so much more relaxed in a tidy environment.

Another tip is to play rain sounds which you can easily find just by searching in YouTube or by downloading an app onto your phone. I have an app called Rain Rain Sleep Sounds. This app has so many different sounds! Rain on a tent, rain on a window, rain dropping, summer rain, forest rain. It even has waves and a crackling fire (so, if you don’t want to buy a new candle, just play the app and light a normal candle 😉 ) and you can customise your own sound, mixing specific sounds together and adjusting the volumes of each! This really helps me to relax and I often find myself falling asleep listening to it.

My next tip may not be for everyone but I love to do a puzzle when I feel stressed. It gives me the chance to focus on something else for a moment whilst still keeping my brain active. If you have an ipad I recommend downloading the app called Jigsaw Puzzle. Just be careful when playing it as you could get addicted and end up doing puzzles in your lectures instead of paying attention.

Next we have the aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. It fills the room with a natural fragrance and it clears the air. Single essential oils can be chosen for a desired effect or you can create a custom aroma using several oils in the diffuser together. For example, Lavender oil is great for stress relief and makes your room smell like a spa. What more could you want?! You can also buy aromatherapy roll on sticks which I am yet to try!

I am just going to pop this one on the end of the list here because I don’t own it or have tried it myself so I can’t vouch for it but I have heard great things. CORT RX is an all-natural product which claims to help with inflammation, anxiety, lack of energy and the inability to sleep. It is an adrenal cortex support supplement which uses a blend of adaptogenic herbs that help the body to adapt to external stress, in particular, helping to restore adrenal cortisol secretions. I may be doing a blog post on cortisol soon so stay tuned for that! This product has incredible reviews and once I buy this for myself (basically when I can afford it) I will let you guys know if it works!


If you have any other tips or tricks to reduce stress feel free to comment below! Thank-you so much for reading and I hope you had a relaxing Sunday.

4 thoughts on “STRESS- Bye Bye. See you later.

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