Let’s talk Love Island

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all here for Love Island. I can’t lie and say that I haven’t watched it since day 1, series 1. Here I am four series in and I’m still there (pretty much) every night at 9pm with my cup of tea and maybe a bowl of ice-cream on my sofa. However, there is one issue that I’ve noticed and I know that I’m not the only person to pick up on it. The lack of body diversity so far in this series.

I am shocked that we are still projecting the idea that there is only one way to look ‘beautiful’. No one body type should be socially accepted. What makes a body ‘better’ or ‘nicer’ or more ‘beautiful’ than another? I personally don’t believe that this is setting an example for the younger generation that will grow up watching this show. Young women should never feel or believe that there is only one acceptable or attractive body type. Love Island could make a real difference by showing variety in beauty and it genuinely does make me quite sad.

Yes, those women are beautiful but as cliche as it sounds, just because someone is beautiful doesn’t mean that you aren’t! Just because someone looks a specific way, doesn’t mean that you need to as well. You are you and that makes you beautiful. You are beautiful. So if you catch yourself feeling insecure whilst watching the show, which I often find myself doing, remind yourself of the truth.

I do hope that more diverse women are put onto the show. Fingers crossed! There are still quite a few weeks left…cheers to that.

On another note, hello! It’s been a while. How’re you?


Robyn x

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